The highly caffeinated 5k + music festival

our event has been postponed this year!


The Highly Caffeinated Endurance Team would like to thank all of our sponsors, vendors and community members for your support with our first annual Highly Caffeinated 5K + Music Festival back in August 2021…and wanted to show you what our little community did as a result of it all…we granted this wish – the first one granted by Make-A-Wish Connecticut in 2022!

“Thank you so much for an incredible trip! I am so appreciative of Make-A-Wish and all the planning and preparation to make this trip happen. I have been looking forward to going on my Make-A-Wish trip and it was so nice to spend quality time with my family making great memories. It was a trip I’ll never forget! Sincerely, Ellie” (wish kid)

“It’s been a long four + years and this trip brought our family together for true togetherness, happiness and relaxation. Make-A-Wish is such an incredible organization. We feel very fortunate to have been able to go to Oahu and will cherish the memories forever! Yours GRATEFULLY! Beth” (wish mom)